We have the manufacturing resources, low cost supply chain, and experienced professionals to reduce startup time and CapEx.

Our goal is to keep overhead costs low during the manufacturing startup phase. Our financial model is to charge rent in exchange for shared facilities and resources. Our nonprofit status allows us to subsidize the rent with support from grants.

We do not take equity in companies. We do not take ownership in IP. We work with private equity firms to offer an alternative to outsourcing manufacturing. Our mission is to start new domestic manufacturing companies.

If you have a startup in your portfolio that could benefit from joining ValleyHop, please provide your contact information below.

Some benefits of the studio include:

  • Facilities

  • Manufacturing Resources

  • Founders In Residence

  • Engineering Expertise

  • Logistics

  • Higher Quality Supply Chain Partners

  • Regulatory Support

  • Product Design

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Faculty, Co-Ops, and Interns From Top Universities

  • Manufacturing Experts

  • Accounting & Finance Support

  • Human Resources