Have you thought about the differences between domestic manufacturing and outsourcing?

ValleyHop Manufacturing Studio

  • Retaining manufacturing profit

  • Lower working capital requirements

  • Local supply chain with Just-in-Time delivery

  • Learning to design for manufacturability

  • Less inventory and lower shipping costs

  • Rapid communication of design changes and quality issues

  • Securing design and manufacturing trade secrets

  • Patent protection and enforcement

  • Faster regulatory approval processes

  • Eligible for manufacturing grants and tax relief

Outsourcing to China

  • Giving up 25-30% of your gross profit

  • Over 5,000 miles between you and your suppliers

  • 12-hour time zone difference with language barriers

  • Losing the opportunity to learn about design for manufacturing

  • Long supply chain with higher working capital requirements

  • 30 days inventory on a boat and air shipping costs

  • Divulging your manufacturing trade secrets

  • Unprotected patents

  • Slower regulatory approval processes

  • Subject to import tariffs and regulations

Do You Really Want To Go To China?


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How We Work

The heart of any hardware company is the intimate connection between customer needs, product design, and manufacturing capability. Our goal is to create a pathway to sustainable revenue so your company can thrive outside the manufacturing studio. The immediate focus of our team is to provide you with the practical educational resources, mentors, and facilities to achieve mass production.

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